“He was born an Englishman and remained one for years.”

4 Apr

Come and see a classic Irish play, The Hostage, set just around the corner from where it was originally set by Brendan Behan – in a boarding house with a doubtful reputation! The house on Nelson Street, owned by Monsewer and ably managed by Pat, is frequented by a motley crew of sailors, prostitutes, policemen and the IRA.

Preview: Wednesday 4th April – all tickets €10

Thursday 5th April and Tuesday 10th April to Saturday 14th April – all tickets €15 (concessions €12)

Nightly at 8pm at T@36, The Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square, Dublin 1

To reserve tickets phone 087 367 4544 or email latouche.bookings ‘at’ gmail.com

At the centre of the action we meet Leslie, a young English soldier who is being kept prisoner in the house. His presence leads to heated discussions about Irish nationalism and British colonialism. When he catches the eye of a young country girl called Teresa, love blossoms and tensions rise.

Written in an absurdist style, Behan undercuts the serious theme with comedic moments, and the characters frequently burst into bawdy song and dance routines. The play was originally written in Irish as ‘An Giall’ and performed in Damer Hall, Dublin in June 1957 and in English for the first time in London in October 1958.

Featuring Shane Noone as Leslie, the Hostage; Abigail Lalor as his sweetheart, Teresa; Billy Mulligan as Pat; Ciaran Heaney as Monsewer and Karen Maher as Meg Dillon. The cast also includes Richard O’Neill; David Dixon; Alison Mills; Aoife Fitzpatrick; Máire-Ide Maguire; Patrick McLoughlin; Una McBreen and Patrick Dunne.

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